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I'll Throw You A Line

Last night was one of those nights where you just can’t help but go.  "What the FUCK!?"

It always seems to go that shit goes wrong when you least expect it.

I had a friend call me completely freaking out over something that was impossible.  After about 15 minutes of rambling I finally figured out what was wrong.  Said friend was either drunk as a fucking skunk or high as a kite.

I live about an hour away and this conversation was happening at almost 3 in the morning. Mind you I have to get up for work at

I weighed my options.

1. GO downstairs, start the car and drive to said friends house to help them calm down.
Con:  Miss work, drive exhausted, be a safety hazard.

2. Call said person’s brother and tell him to get over there.
Con: Brother is in a cruise to the
Bahamas, would need to get on a plane or swim. Either way thats was out.

3. Try to talk said person down over the phone.
Con: Get no sleep got to work passing out.

I decided to go with option three.

After about another hour and 30 minutes the person finally decides to calm down and fall asleep. Either that or they died and I have not been told (God forbid).

I decided to try and get some sleep after everything was said and done.  Let’s just say that that didn’t work.

About 15 minutes later the person’s mother calls me asking what is going on with her child.  She had just gotten a text.

Captain Oblivious has yet to realize that her child has a major problem.


After months of telling her that this person was found streaking at Columbus circle, playing with imaginary dogs at the dog park and being belligerent at all hours of the day she still asks.


“Well what’s the problem?”




I answer very calmly “The problem is that _____ has a problem that I can no longer deal with. _____ is your child you need to cancel your shopping excursion and go over there.”


She promptly hung up the phone. I thought I had won.


Unfortunately I lost the biggest battle of them all.


Captain Oblivious went to sleep, I went to sleep and said person was all alone all night sleeping.


About five minutes ago I received a call from ______. They didn’t remember anything from the last 3 days. I couldn’t help but cry with them before having to let them go. I can’t lose my job if I am supposed to help them.


I will help them.


I promise, I will figure out a way. I won’t let you fall any farther. You’ve hit rock bottom babe. Its time to climb out. But don’t worry, I threw you a line. I’ll help you climb out.


I promise.




Woah!!!! Long time no see!!!

Have not been on here in ages.  Feels like I just abandoned this thing fro twitter and facebook.  Oh well now I am back.  I think the main reason that I love this thing is because I can talk and maybe some one will listen.  maybe not.  But I still get to say what I want.  Today for instance I got to experience nature.  A hawk picked up a bird mid-flight.  Was is gross? Yes.  Did it make me want to puke? Yes but hey thats nature. Survival of the fittest.

On another note I start college again in about 2 weeks.  In the graduate program. Two more years and I am done!!!

Guess that is all for today.

Lets see how long I can keep this up. Can I mention that the username I use everywhere was taken on this site.  Bummed out!

Pixie out!!!!


Hello Good People!

Did you know that for every dollar the Lehman Brother's had they borrowed 50.  Thats 500 dollars borrowed for every ten dollars they actually had invested themselves!!! 

Ok you can close your mouths now.  We wouldn't want you eating any flies.

So I know that it has been a while but things have been kinda hectic.  Work, school, writing something that I think is worth being published...

well not much more to say here.

Be sure to vote on 11/4 if you can,  like the Glowing box says "Choose or Lose"

Also pick up gulliver's travels, its a good read, that and Les Mis.

Gone Crazy and Staying there.

Day Two and Going strong

Hello Good People,

Seems that this will be a lot easier than I thought.  Kepping this thing updated that is.  I just finished learning to play Hello- By evanessence on the piano.  It is such a beautiful song.  Maybe I will upload a video of it soon.

Anyone watch the VMA's last night?  I did and let me tell you it was rigged.  There is no way that Britney could have walked away with three awards.  I dont think that her personal problems justifty giving her a reward like that when there were so many other worthy artist that her that deserved it.  Again just my opinion.  I was glad that Tokio Hotel won and a little bummed out that Paramore lost.  Oh well cant win them all can we. Or like my mom says, they were already winners for making it that far.  Also the host....terrible much.

Onto another note.  Gossip girl.  It is official.  I am a GG junkie, well that and one tree hill.  I cancelled a dinner date in order to stay home and watch them.  Thankfully the guy understood and brought food to me. How sweet.  I loved Gossip Girl and was shocked to see how things are unfolding.  OTH was also quite shocking.  I wont give anything away in case people are tivoing it.

Today was my second day of classes at my new college.  I am looking forward to continuing my education at this school.  One of my classes only has 8 students in it.  Talk about small.  I love to school and the people in it.  Well I guess that is all for tonight.

In the words of Rene' Decarte "Je Pense donce je suis"

Kinda random I know but some food for thought, 

Till next time.

Hello World Of Live Journal

So earlier today I decided to actually create an account and join the Live Journal Community.  I might update here.  Might being the operative word. Just kidding.  I hope to update as often as possible, which I suppose could be either good or bad depending on what I am writing about.   Night being my favorite time of day and dreaming being my favorite thing to do I figured how better to end this first entry with one of my favorite quotes.

Dreamers can find their way by moonlight and their only punishment is that they see the dawn before the rest of the world --Oscar Wilde

Goodnight Everyone.




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